How to change product password

As Subscriber you have free password change as part of your Subscription Service.


  • Information about your old Primary Key and IP address ( either from your current installation or from your received product password/license key
  • Information about new Primary Key and IP address. Upon installation of EasyCopy on your machine or (if your license is controlled by  the EasyCopy license dispatcher) on your license server.  Go to File, Help & Info, Password

The IP address for the license server needs to be static !

  • You can copy the lines with Primary Key, and IP address from the Password dialog

The Password Change process:

  1. Go to the License Change request page. You need to login with your registered username and password
  2. Fill in the requested information about old and new license server
  3. Accept conditions
  4. Submit the form

You will then receive a new password for the product(s) shortly.

Installation of new dispatcher license password:

When you have received  the new password / license key

  1. Install the new password string ( copy/paste as one line and without any #)
  2. Wait a couple of minutes for the License Service (ecdaemon) to be ready
  3. You are up and running

 If you are experiencing problems with the new password installation

  • Check the agipass file in the easycopy systems directory
  • Comment out previous password(s) with a #
  • Follow above step to install the license password again

If you need any further assistance please contact