About The Company

The Story of The EasyCopy Company in a few lines.

Our Story

The EasyCopy Company was founded in the summer of 1989 in Denmark by experts in imaging bursting with the vision of using images for documenting and sharing ideas and work processes as the driving force of communication.

A year after, the business expanded with a sister company in the US and throughout the years, we have added partners around the globe becoming, in the process, an international company with customers on every continent.

The EasyCopy Company´s design philosophy in the creation of the EasyCopy product suite is to provide an intuitive collection of tools and processes that were exactly “right” for the individual needs for imaging tasks; like montages, up marking, presentations, format conversion, screen capture, printing and plotting. EasyCopy has truly developed into a complete Graphics Solution for the Technical Professional in Auto, Aero and Energy.

Since 2013 we have utilized our visualization expertise to capture and visualize well data, whether it is log files, core or outcrop descriptions or other depth related data that needs to be captured and visualized. The data driven EasyCore has become the ONE Well and Log tools required for creating, capturing, collecting, calculating and visualizing. 

Individually the tools are excellent, but joined they mesh in the perfect system for everything you need.

Our Team and Expertise

Essentially, The EasyCopy Company has more than 30 year of experience making easy to use software with a nice graphic appearance for technical professionals.  Our clients world wide have over the years with their expertise in different scientific fields co developed solutions to be exact right for their needs.

Our Goal and Visions

For us at The EasyCopy Company, our customer requirements are the focus … in the space surrounding those needs, we assemble the series of tools that, tied together, becomes an indispensable part of daily work processes for a number of industries and especially the Energy Sector is in focus providing special tools for geophysical and geological work processes.