How to get your permanent license up and running again on Windows

If you  experience license issues after server update, reconfiguration or installation of temporary passwords:

Please first check that your IP address and Primary  Key has not changed in the process. ( If it has,  fill in a Statement to Change Password form from the Subscriber site and you  will receive a new password by e-mail shortly)

Please, do not try with other passwords that the  correct permanent one you have previously received.

  1. right click on delsrv.bat in the EasyCopy installation folder and choose “Run as administrator”.  This will stop the EasyCopy license service
  2. Open Task Manager and make sure that no ecdaemon.exe processes are running.
  3. Delete <EasyCopy installation>/system/.agilic
  4. Delete <EasyCopy installation>/system/agipass
  5. Delete <EasyCopy installation>/system/ecdaemon.log
  6. Start EasyCopy and click Install License in the un-licensed dialog. Enter the password string. You should see a command window with information about starting the EasyCopy License Service. Check that it does not report a problem
  7. Exit EasyCopy, and wait a minute to make sure ecdaemon.exe is ready to answer queries
  8. Still on the License server, start EasyCopy again and click File->Help & Info->About

If you are still not able to get a license:

  1. Open Task Manager, and check that ecdaemon.exe is actually running
  2. Check the contents of <EasyCopy installation>/system/ecdaemon.log