"EasyCopy Graphics Suite" now "EasyGraphiX"

Graphics Solution for Technical Professionals

The easiest way to perfect presentations of 1:1 content with  unlimited zooming capabilities

EasyGraphiX ( EasyCopy Graphics Suite)  is a suite of tools designed to manage even gigabite sized graphics. Stitch PDF, advanced screen Capture tools and Movie Creator are inluded. Conversion tools offers easy and full control of output formats, quality, size etc. (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EMF, SVG, PS and PDF… ) The perfect workspace for creating Presentations and posters and a very user friendly Print/Plot solution without any limitations is part of EasyGraphiX.

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Software made for Geo scientists and engineers.

One solution for image handling, stitch PDF,  conversions, file enhancements and editing, montage and presentations

The EasyGraphiX software offers:

Working with graphics and preparing presentations have never been easier;

  • Prepare – your presentations with easy content editing, image optimizations, annotations and much more.
  • Share – your analysis fast and efficient. Convert and send your project to colleagues and customers in any format.
  • Print – your work effortless on any printer or plotter
  • Present – your findings with EasyCopy Graphics and you can zoom right in to the details and work in your original files.
  • Get in control with a One Stop Solution to handle all your graphic needs from bitmap to vector.

Solutions for:


Supporting large CGM, EMF, PDF, TIFF for viewing, plotting and presentations. Special line styles, Symbols and Fill Between, Stitch PDF for Logs, Annotation of seismic, data export of PDF curves and much more

Automotive and Aerospace

Special profile for CATIA line styles and hatch patterns in CGM . Support for SVG and PDF for easy quality publishing. Support for  unlimited TIFF sizes for archiving. Accurate plotting of large CAD drawings.

Life Science and Image Compression

Imaging handled very well with support for Dicom

Software made for Geo scientists and engineers.

The easiest tool when working with Graphics

In my opinion, the graphic result is much higher than many other commercial software. Finally, EasyGraphiX allowed us to create correlation panels, parallel and perpendicular to the palaeocurrent direction. I consider myself very satisfied with the use of EasyCore and EasyGraphiX.

Fabrizio Felletti Associate Professor - Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Geology

This software really lives up to their name with easily producing high-resolution outputs in a short period of time (not geological periods ;-))

Mogammad Hendricks PhD Student, Western Cape

    Explore EasyGraphiX features

    A one stop solution covering the gap between your main technical applications and the MS Office products.

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    Stitch PDF

    When logs have been saved as multipage PDF for easy archiving, but not for printing. Multipage PDF files can easily be stitched to get one long file without margin gaps.

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    Cropping Tools

    When you need to focus on a certain part or need to only use a certain part of the image you have comprehensive cropping facilities that let you get the perfect result in no time.

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    Symbol Creation

    An easy and fast process to modify or create new symbols for your maps, your logs and your presentations. Have the symbols available in EasyCopy Graphics or copy them to the clip board to get it directly into EasyCore.

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    crop and splice

    When you need to make efficient log file editing with EasyGraphix crop and splice feature.

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    Enhance image clarity with background color removal.

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    Log and Digitize

    How to log a curve and digitize it using EasyGraphix and EasyCore.

    If you are already using EasyGraphiX, here you will find details about Releases