Digital core description software

Produce and Visualize Geological Data

EasyCore is a digital core description software designed to streamline core logging and analysis processes. 
With EasyCore, geologists, sedimentologists, and engineers can effortlessly produce, organize, store, and present sedimentological data in a clear, systematic, and intuitive manner.
Benefit from our expertise in image handling from core photos, and cuttings to thin sections. Enhance your core analysis, with data driven sedimentology and stratigraphy. Evaluate clastic and carbonate lithology, sedimentary structures, depositional environments and much more.

Through a totally open and generic SQL database, new data becomes available for access across the organization and applications.

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Digital Core description Software
made for Geo Scientists and Engineers

in close cooperation with senior sedimentologists and petrophycisists.

The EasyCore software offers:

EasyCore in Details

EasyCore is an easy and fast data driven digital core, outcrop, cuttings, thin section description solution, for surface and sub surface data and images. Descriptions relevant to and for Clastic and carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, reservoir engineering and more, designed to speed up the core description process by automating parts of the workflow and still keep a design that is pleasing to the eye.

Software made for Geo Scientists and Engineers

Standardize on EasyCore: Save time and speed up the process while improving overall quality

Nigel Watts Petroleum Geological Consultant ,Canada

just wanted to say how pleased I am with your excellent software – EasyCore, compared to other core logging software I have tried to use in the past EasyCore is by far the best, practical, easy to use and quick to learn – has made my ability to log core quicker and more efficient. Plus, the support I have received has been superb.

Senior Geologist Houston

EasyCore offers beautiful strat columns, quickly manipulation, better classification and better facies model to predict production

Mai Borre, Senior Petrophysicist Texas - USA

This is a nimble and powerful software, it's amazing what you have done and how advanced the software has become in a short time. Appreciate your ability to listening to feedback and incorporating it into new features.

Lars Reuning Senior Lecturer - CAU Kiel

Visualizing core and outcrop analysis is an essential task for most geologists. It is often the first and crucial step for the integration of sedimentological information with geophysical logging and seismic data in a core-to-seismic workflow.

Fabrizio Felletti Associate Professor

In my opinion, the graphic result is much higher than many other commercial software. EasyCore has also been used to create a database of the entire dataset, starting from the digitalized logs. This database was subsequently used for a statistical analysis of facies variations.

Geologist Houston

Straight out of the box EasyCore is Easy to work with and the companies support is excellent. Highly recommended.

Sedimentologist Adelaide

I needed to find a way of making Core Descriptions a lot easier and faster so did some searching and testing and EasyCore came out on top. The sofware is easy to use, affordable and the support is excellent.

Mogammad Hendricks PhD Student

What I found to be truly amazing is the fact that the user interface and the ability to modify your logs, whether with adding your own symbols or fixing a curve on your grain-size trend to fit your exact description, were quite ‘easy’. I would recommend any student, academic or industry professional to use this software. This software really lives up to their name with easily producing high-resolution outputs in a short period of time (not geological periods ;-)).’"

John G. McPherson Sedimentologist, petrographer and reservoir characterisation specialist, Melbourne

Core and outcrop descriptions are at the heart of the work done by the majority of professional sedimentologists. Capturing the key elements of these descriptions in the form of a pictorial layout of the data, including macro- and micro-photography, wireline logs, paleo, thin-section photomicrographs, sand net-to-gross, and a multitude of associated data are not only valuable but essential for the analysis and documentation of the collected information. As a practising sedimentologist with over 40 years experience in academic and industry settings, I have used a number of software programs designed to streamline the presentation of this graphic data. Most are either too simplistic or too complex to be of practical use. EasyCore is the standout exception. It is a program specifically designed for sedimentologists and is simple and intuitive to use, yet it is easily customised to suit the user's needs. In my view, EasyCore is a must for all stratigraphers and sedimentologists.

    Explore EasyCore Use Cases

    EasyCore is fully customizable and is equally good for Core, Outcrop, Thin Section, Cutting descriptions, and Log Data

    Oil Exploration

    Sedimentary rocks are reservoirs for oil and gas, and understanding their properties, such as grain size, composition, and texture, provides valuable insights into the potential for oil exploration.

    Hydro Carbon Exploration

    By analyzing sedimentary rocks, geologists can interpret the history of a basin, determine the source of hydrocarbons, and assess the quality and distribution of reservoirs.

    Unconventional Exploration

    Understanding the complex depositional environments and rock properties of unconventional reservoirs. This includes analyzing the fine-grained nature of shale, the mineralogical composition of tight sands, and the organic content of coal beds.


    In mining, sedimentology plays a key role in understanding the geological characteristics of ore deposits and their surrounding rock formations. Identifying the type of sedimentary rocks associated with different mineral deposits, such as coal, iron ore, gold, and copper. By studying the texture, composition, and structure of sedimentary rocks to determine their origin and depositional environment.

    Co2 Storage

    EasyCore is ready for the energy transition and can be customized to cover Carbon Capture and Storage, (CCS), Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and the combination (CCUS).

    Nuclear waste deposit

    Deep geological disposal  in stable geological formations is official policy in several countries. Isolation is provided by a combination of engineered and natural barriers (rock, salt, clay) . A 'multi-barrier' concept, with the waste packaging, the engineered repository, and the geology all providing barriers to prevent the radionuclides from reaching humans and the environment.

    Geothermal Energy

    EasyCore is indispensable in geothermal exploration and development. It contribute to the detailed analysis of subsurface materials, the characterization of geothermal reservoirs, and the optimization of drilling operations, ultimately supporting the efficient and sustainable extraction of geothermal energy.
    Interdisciplinary project with a know-how of working groups from the fields of sedimentology, geophysics, geochemistry, palaeobiology, archaeology and offshore engineering.

    Climate Change

    By looking at past concentrations of greenhouse gasses in layers in ice cores, scientists can calculate how modern amounts of carbon dioxide and methane compare to those of the past, and, essentially, compare past concentrations of greenhouse gasses to temperature.

    Explore EasyCore Features

    EasyCore is fully customizable and is equally good for Core, Outcrop, Thin Section, Cutting descriptions, and Log Data

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    Log Viewing

    Well Log Viewing, Visualization and Modification

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