How to log license usage

To see the usage of EasyCopy products over time you may proceed as follows.

When starting the license daemon with the simple command

ecdaemon start 

it will by default log usage to ecdaemon.log in the system folder of the server installation.

To change the log level or location of the log file you can instead run the following command:

(Linux) ecdaemon -logfile /tmp/ecdaemon.log -loglevel debug start 

(Windows) ecdaemon -logfile “C:\Program Data\ecdaemon.log” -loglevel debug start 

(Available log levels: none, error, warning, notice, info, and debug)

Make sure to use a log file path that is good for your system. The default log level is info.

After using EasyCopy for some time (some days or weeks) look at the log messages.
On Linux use the command:

grep Claiming /tmp/ecdaemon.log

On Windows open ecdaemon.log in a text editor and search for the word Claiming.

You will see a bunch of lines like:

Nov 24 15:21:28: ecdaemon[31513] INFO: Claiming license for johnc (now 4 in use)

Each line will show the time, the username of a user starting EasyCopy and the current number of users.

If the number of users at certain times hit the ceiling you may do:

grep Sorry /tmp/ecdaemon.log 

This will tell you who was unable to get a license for what and when.