EasyPlot is the plotting back-end for GEO and CAD applications.

Integrate with other applications or use as a stand-alone Print/Plot application.

Print/Plot your CGM, CGM+, EMF, JPEG, PDF, SVG, TIFF… 1:1  with no limitations to any device. By using the unique “adapted page size” there is no need to struggle with custom page sizes anymore. Paneling allows you to print 1:1 even when your paper size is smaller than the file size.

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Plotting Solution

Made for Geo Science, Automotive and Aerospace.

The EasyPlot is perfect for:

EasyPlot benefits

Easy for users:

  • Keep your data visible, even when scaled to the smallest sizes.
  • Recognize large files even in thumbnail preview mode.
  • Foolproof plotting automatically calculates the correct paper size.
  • No more wasted printouts due to miscalculations.

Easy for admins:

  • Easy to install and easy to administer with intuitive graphical interface.
  • Workflow management via CUPS integration.
  • Easy integration with your applications.

Plotting Solution made for Geo scientists and engineers.

 Reduce wastage & erroneous plots

Business Systems Analyst UK

“EasyPlot is a small & easy to use app with a slick intuitive user interface, enabling us to accurately tailor plots of all sizes which in turn has helped significantly reduce our wastage & erroneous plots”