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September 23, 2022, EasyCore 3 BETA has been released. Adds an SQL database option for storing projects and images.

February 23, 2021, EasyCore 2.1.4 has been released and adds improved support for working with outcrops.

February 4, 2020, EasyCore 2.1.0 has been released and adds improved support for Legend, project Layouts and more.

December 3, 2019, EasyCopy 9.2.9 has been released and adds support for gradient fills between any two colors.

May 15, 2019, EasyCore 2.0.1 has been released and introduces the new Column Groups, Magnifier View, Free Hand tool and advanced classification of Secondary and Tertiary lithology options.

March 29, 2019, EasyCopy 9.2.6 released to fix serious issues introduced with previous release.

March 26, 2019, EasyCopy 9.2.5 has been released and adds support for Gradient and Vector pattern fills.

May 16, 2018, EasyCopy 9.2.2 has been released and adds support for Canon TX and PRO plotters using SGRaster format.

March 2, 2018, EasyCore 1.3.6 has been released and introduces the Bedding Contacts Dictionary.

October 7, 2017,  EasyCopy 9.2.0 has been released with a new Map module.

February 1, 2017,  EasyCopy 9.1.13 has been released with many important fixes.

September 29, 2015,  EasyCopy and Perigon enter technical alliance.

September 24, 2015,  EasyCopy 9.1 has been released and introduces the Presentation mode and rich text callouts.

July 14, 2015, EasyCore 1.2.0 has been released and includes new custom histogram and composition columns.

April 28, 2015, EasyCopy 9.0.29 has been released and includes an new absolute line width option in interpretation profiles.

August 25, 2014, EasyCopy 9.0.24 has been released and includes EMF+ support and new merge options for vector ungroup and several CGM, print and license fixes

April 4, 2014, EasyCopy 9.0.16 has been released and includes a new feature to join lines and minor fixes for crop, print and more.

February 21, 2014, EasyCopy 9.0.15 has been released and includes minor fixes for crop, print and more.

December 13, 2013, EasyCopy 9.0.13 - Several issues related to multi-page have been fixed.

July 12, 2013 EasyCopy 9.0.9  - Help was missing in the installation and a few Copy/Paste issues have been fixed.

July 08, 2013 EasyCopy 9.0 has been released today.  With a brand new and modern ribbon interface we have taken a big leap into the future and added Multi-Page support and Layer functionality and much more..

July 01, 2013 EasyCopy 8.7.15 has fixed issues with Canon iPF 8300 and NeuraJet 17 and solved some CGM and SVG problems.

June 09, 2013 EasyCopy 8.7.14 has fixed a series of CGM and JPEG issues. Added printers and fixed some printing issues.

April 08, 2013 EasyCopy 8.7.13 includes format (CGM, JPEG and PDF) and printing fixes.

March 01, 2013 The EasyCopy Company and AGI is now present in Houston. We have established an office to meet the needs of our valuable customers in the oil industry. Besides easy of use and ergonomi, service and support have always been high priority for us. With a local representation in Texas we are now here offering our best attention on a daily basis. We are so pleased to welcome Leslie Friedrich in the Houston EasyCopy team.

February 27, 2013 EasyCopy and especially EasyPlot 8.7.12 includes improved commandline and integration capabilities.

December  19, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.11 includes several minor fixes for CGM, EMF, EPS, PDF.  Better logging options has been implemented to meet customer requests. Via a new CSV log option a bunch of information can be available to be used in Excel, OpenIT, OpenLM or other logging tools. Even a mail option can be implemented if the sysadm like to receive mails when users could not get a license.

October 11, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.10 has fixed a serious problem introduced in version 8.7.9 !! If you need 1:1 handling and have downloaded and installed version 8.7.9 please replace it with this build.

September 24, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.9 has fixed several  PDF issues, some CGM issues, Printing issues and included new stitch parameters

August 28, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.8 has fixed several issues with printing and PDF reading and writing

June 15, 2012 Easycopy 8.7.7 Multi-page CGM issue, Edit Vector issues, Save as Vector issues, Font Substitution issues and more has been fixed and improved

May 30, 2012 Easycopy 8.7.6 Command Line and Large raster/vector file issues solved and improved

April 21, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.5 is released. We have added Format Printer support for TIFF and PDF available both in EasyCopy and EasyPlot. It requires The EasyCopy Graphics Suite, EasyVect for EasyCopy and for EasyPlot you can upgrade to get this functionality. Other smaller issues have been addressed as well

April 04, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.4 is released. A bugfix release solving issues with semi transparency for vector to vector conversion.

March 26, 2012 Now we hire in Texas. We are looking for a Technical, Training and Support representative for North America. See if this opportunity is just right for you.

March 23, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.3 is released. A release with format improvements and huge print speed improvements especially for large PDF files. (See further details on the EasyCopy Subscriber Section).

February 01, 2012 EasyCopy 8.7.2 is released

January 12, 2012 Easycopy 8.7.1 was released. A release with added formats. EMF+, PDS, CGM Clear Text, Multipage CGM are on that list. Editing capabilities also for PDF files has been added and EasyPlot has been improved to meet the requirements of the largest companies.

November 16, 2011 EasyCopy 8.6.5 has been released. Improved, CGM, EMF and TIFF support and several fixes and improvements on printing

August 16, 2011 EasyCopy 8.6.4 has been released. Command line and EasyPlot improvements implemented and reported issues fixed

July, 01, 2011 EasyCopy 8.6.3 has been released.  ISYS - iTerra Elite II is now supported. PDF improvements and reported issues fixed.

May 19, 2011 EasyCopy 8.6.2 has been released and includes several improvements and a couple of new features

April 04, 2011 EasyCopy 8.6 has been releases today. We have focused on Ergonomics and Usability and we can´t wait to  get you updated.

February 03, 2011 Join us  on Our goal with this EasyCopy end user community on Facebook is to create a forum where you, as a user, can share opinions, ask for or tell about EasyCopy tricks and features that have made your life easier, and suggest new features. We will be checking in at least twice a week to answer or comment. Perhaps another user will help you out too. A few Guidelines:

  • Please use the discussion boards for questions, showcasing work etc.
  • Note that while folks from EasyCopy do participate and run this page, we may not be able to respond to every comment or address specific discussions.
  • Posts that aren't relevant to this community may be removed

If you would like to address an issue, that is not supposed to be a public question about EasyCopy please send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and please type "easycopy" in the Subject to be sure to reach us.

We are looking forward to assisting you and to learning from you.

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EasyCopy and Perigon enter technical alliance

September 29, 2015

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Perigon and The EasyCopy Company. This will enable integration between both parties’ products (iPoint and EasyCore) and provide our customers with a better overall solution. Read More