How to completely remove easycopy from a system on UNIX

EasyCopy's default installation directory depends on the platform - and EasyCopy may also have been installed in a non-default place. The basic step in uninstalling easycopy is to go to and do:


This will remove most of the files in and it's subdirectories. It will also remove EasyCopy's invocation scripts. To remove the few remaining files go one level up and do:

rm -rf    EASYCOPY_DIR 

If you setup your system to automatically start the license daemon at system start you must also remove a couple of files found in the sysV init directories.

rm -rf /etc/rc?.d/*[0-9]ecdaemon

rm -rf /etc/init.d/*[0-9]ecdaemon 

You may have to manually remove print queues that you created using easycopy.