How to make a Complete Silent Install/uninstall with EasyCopy on Windows

(Windows only)

You can make a silent install of EasyCopy by using the msiexec command with the downloaded msi file.

Simply supply the /q (quiet) option with the misexec command:

msiexec /q /i

this will install EasyCopy in the default location “c:\Program Files\EasyCopy\EasyCopy 9.2”.

To install in another place, add the INSTALLDIR parameter to the command:

msiexec /q /i INSTALLDIR=”c:\apps\ec921″

In case something goes wrong with the installation, you might want to write status to a log file.

To do this you need to add the /l (logfile) option to the command:

msiexec /q /l “c:\install.log” /i INSTALLDIR=”c:\apps\ec921″

The license password needs to be in the file called “agipass” (no file name extension) located in the “system” folder of your EasyCopy installation.

The file can be copied to the system folder from another working installation:

copy agipass “c:apps\ec921\system”

Silent Unstall with EasyCopy

To make a quiet uninstall of EasyCopy, use /x instead of /i with the command:

msiexec /q /x