Digital Core Description with EasyCore

Sedimentologist explaining a Core Description

"Beautiful strat columns, quickly manipulation,  better classification and better facies model to predict production"

EasyCore is an easy and fast data driven digital core description solution, for sub surface data and images. Descriptions relevant to and for Clastic and carbonate sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, reservoir engineering and more,  designed to speed up the core description process by automating parts of the workflow and still keep a design that is pleasing to the eye.

Core and core data is a valuable asset and an integral part of the exploration business. It contains important information necessary for petrophysical analysis, depositional modeling, static modeling and reservoir quality modeling.

Exploration risk is directly impacted by the use of core data. The top risks related to drilling basins are reservoir presence and quality, both of which cannot be evaluated properly without core description data.

EasyCore allows the geo scientist to design detailed and accurate logs from core or outcrop data, incorporating features about the depositional environment from grain size, fossil content and minerals to sedimentary structures, fractures etc.

With EasyCore you will:

  • Get better classification and facies model
  • Get better utilization of core logging data in E&P activities.
  • Predict production
  • Cut cost of core logging, increase quality and speed up the process of core logging.

..and thereby mitigate reservoir risks.


As a result of global population pressure and industrialization, we are facing many new challenges such as CO2, waste in the nuclear industry and the storage of energy. These environmental and energy related issues have one thing in common with traditional oil and gas exploration: the need for sub surface interpretation, based on core and outcrop description.

Storage sites are several kilometers underground and undergo stringent investigations. Digitizing old scanned core descriptions and interpreting the data has become more important to ensure that the storage sites are geological suitable.

EasyCore is ready for the energy transition and can be customized to cover also:Carbon Capture and Storage, (CCS),  Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and the combination (CCUS).

EasyCore is also ready for Geo Thermal and Mining.


EasyCore is designed to speed up the core description process by automating parts of the workflow and still keep a design that is pleasing to the eye. The viewport is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and the projects can be exported to a large variety of file formats, plotted to a multitude of supported plotters/printers and saved out both as an internal EasyCore project, commonly used raster file (TIFF, JPEG, PNG and many more) and a series of vector files (pdf, EMF, CGM). This allows for easy integration and embedding in other standard applications.

  • Import core photographs and/or hand drafted core descriptions.
  • Efficiently digitalize and graphical representations of core description.
  • Graphical and digital descriptions of all parameters, stored as real digital data.
  • Most commonly used columns are predefined, incl. Facies, Lithologies . Lithotype, Chronostratigraphy and Depositional Environment
  • Fully customizable columns for easy and quick creation of all core description data types.
EasyCore is one of the best applications to enable you to store, organize and present sedimentological data in a clear and systematic way.

Digital Core Description

EasyCore is developed in close cooperation with senior sedimentologists and petrophycisists.