Installing a new license and new EasyCopy version in another directory than the previous version

To get your installed base of printers available in the new EasyCopy version, copy your printer configuration files from your old EasyCopy version <EasyCopy directory>/printers/* to the new location: EasyCopy version <EasyCopy directory>/printers

You can only have one license dispatcher running at one server, so in the period where you have both the old EasyCopy and the new EasyCopy installed the users can choose whether they want to run the old or the new version, but with the limitation of the total of purchased licenses.

As long as your old EasyCopy version is still available in your system the users can run the old version with the new password.

When you are ready to go for the new version only, you can delete your old EasyCopy installation.


  1. Stop the ecdaemon in your previous installation: ecdaemon stop
  2. Install the new EasyCopy password in your new installation:
  3. Become root cd to EasyCopy path type: ./install select: Password Maintenance select: Install Password enter the password string exit
  4. Start the new ecdaemon: ecdaemon start


  1. Install the newEasyCopy password in your new installation from the GUI under Help, Password
  2. run instsrv.bat  in your new installation and your license dispatcher will automatically stop the old and restart the new as a service