Integration with CUPS

EasyCopy has no problem with CUPS. On our internal net we use CUPS on all servers and (of course) we also use EasyCopy.

The only particular thing about CUPS is that applications that do not know about specific printers may ask CUPS to process data (through filters) so that the application can send generic data (e.g. PostScript) to any printer. This is of course not necessary for EasyCopy since it does it’s own processing.

CUPS has it’s own (browser based) interface for creating print queues and in general it is a very good idea to use this interface – and just let EasyCopy use the queues. If EasyCopy were used to create the queues then CUPS would not know about the specifics of a printer and the functionality in the queue for non-EasyCopy applications would be very limited.

When selecting a CUPS print queue in the ‘Add Printer’ dialog for EasyCopy or EasyPlot the print command (lpr) is automatically set to use the -l option, that instructs CUPS to pass the print job transparent to the printer.