Unable to get a license for what and when

You may verify the release date of ecdaemon by running the command eclic.
If you are running an older version of EasyCopy please download newest release from our web site.

By default the EasyCopy License Dispatcher (ecdaemon) will not log any activity.To see the usage of EasyCopy over time you may proceed as follows.

On Windows

If you want to log which user and/or machine has or is using EasyCopy, you need to edit the Windows batch file:
<EasyCopy installation folder>\instsrv.bat

Uncomment one of the two example lines "rem reg add HKLM\System......",

and comment (rem) the old line.

Choose "-loglevel info" to log any license activity, or "-loglevel debug" to log ALL activity between the EasyCopy application and the license daemon.

After this, execute the "instsrv.bat" file (having Administrator rights). This will stop/remove the ecdaemon service, replace the registry settings, and start the ecdaemon service again.

By default the logfile name and path is set to:
<EasyCopy installation folder>\ecdaemon.log, but on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 you may replace this with the default logfile path: %WINDIR%\System32\LogFiles\ecdamon.log


Instead of starting the daemon with the simple command

ecdaemon start 

you should use the following command:

ecdaemon -logfile /tmp/ecdaemon.log -loglevel info start 

(Available log levels: none, error, warning, notice, info, and debug)

After using EasyCopy for some time (some days or weeks) look at the log messages.
Use the command:

grep Claiming /tmp/ecdaemon.log 

You will see a bunch of lines like:

Nov 24 15:21:28: ecdaemon[31513] INFO: Claiming license for as (now 4 in use)

Each line will show the time, the username of a user starting EasyCopy and the current number of users.

If the number of users at certain times hit the ceiling you may do:

grep Sorry /tmp/ecdaemon.log 

This will tell you who was unable to get a license for what and when.