The EasyCopy Windows network installation

The Windows network installation has to be installed at a shared drive, and to be accessed from any client machine from this place/drive. Aternatively you can also decide to install EasyCopy locally at any client machine, in that case you will need to install the password string several times (on all client machines) or install the password before pushing the software to the clients.

In the password string the IP address of the License Dispatcher (license server) is encrypted:
so the clients know where to look for the license.

1. Be sure that you are logged into the server: ( itself that should act as the License Dispatcher, either though the console or using Remote Administration tools.

2. If you did not install easyCopy on your dedicated license server you need to install EasyCopy (once again) locally on your license server, run EasyCopy from this machine, install the supplied password string (Help->Password), and exit EasyCopy.

3. The license dispatcher starts automatically and runs as a service.

NOTE: The password string has to be installed on both the License Dispatcher and all the client machines !!