Stitch ( join / merge / concatenate ) PDF Pages

Stitch your multipage PDF files easy and fast and get all pages concatenated / joined / merged without any white gaps from margins from your multipage PDF file.Stitch PDF illustration

The Stitch PDF option is very useful and can save much cutting and splicing.

Logs have often been saved in multi-page PDF files for archiving or historical reasons, but when the data again needs a second interpretation, one long log file is required. EasyCopy helps you smoothly with the task.

A little check mark in EasyCopy will do the job and the file is ready for viewing, converting or plotting.

By default EasyCopy will open multipage PDF files stitched or automatically joined. To be able to view your files as single pages you simply need to toggle off this option in the EasyCopy GUI under Image.

Try it free! Download EasyCopy to see how easy it is and realize how much time you will save!