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EasyCore and EasyCopy Recommendations:

"I've used just about every similar product on the market and EasyCore is by far the all-round best software available. To me it's not about whether it can do more than others, although that is also true, it's about the functionality.  It does everything that any top sedimentologist could want and it does it with relative ease.  The software is highly intuitive which is a big plus because we don't do this work every day and we don't want to relearn the software every time!  It's also highly customisable, which is great because no two sedimentologists do their work the same way. "

John G McPherson , SED&RQ Pty Ltd Director, sedimentologist, petrographer & reservoir quality analyst

"You saved me again!! I was to get this map scanned for future use. I got it scanned but it was 1.5 GB tif image. I searched everywhere on the internet for something to read this image and found several packages but they all failed "Out Of Memory" on my PC. . Nothing seemed to work, then I though maybe easycopy. So I pulled down a demo copy of the software install and the Tif image came up and I could even print. You are some very smart people with brilliant programmers. Thank you again for pulling me out of the fire.

Eric Dryden",

Dryden Computer Solutions - specializing in the oil industry, providing support for both Applications and Hardware.

The University of Texas at Austin

"I am writing to enquire as to the availability of EasyCopy to academic institutions. I recently moved to UT from an oil company in the UK. Following much lobbying of management there, we managed to acquire an Easycopy licence. I found it a great ease to use and now miss it! Here at UT, as far as I am aware we do not have Easycopy on our system. The main functionality that we would use it for would be file conversion, screen capture (Unix) and montage creation.

Can you tell me if there is a special academic rate for acquiring the Easycopy suite here at the university?
Or if indeed it can be acquired for free, seeing as how it allows exposure of the software to numerous graduate students who will be then entering the marketplace, and who may also fall for the software, just like I have".
Angela McDonnell

We, at AGI, are so pleased to announce that 4 licenses now are in use at the University of Texas at Austin and of course - we do offer university discounts!