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A customized solution for enhanced screen capture and PostScript based image printing was required to meet present and future needs of 3000 designers, primarily using CATIA.
The Easycopy Company was selected to develop this solution, and it was solved by tailoring a selected combination of our products to meet these requirements.easycopy: a customized solution for enhanced screen capture and PostScript based image printing

The resulting product supports the most common operations in a design environment, such as capture and print, by a single keystroke (hot keys). An easy and comprehensive menu system provides means for a wide variety of more complex operations, such as export of TIFF files to reports and publications.

During the whole project from the first draft specification until the final installation and acceptance test we have been confident that The EasyCopy Company had the right skills, tools, and spirit for the development says Roberta Waterworth at Chrysler. The system is now installed on 3000 workstations to the great satisfaction of our demanding engineers and designers who need a simple, fast, and reliable tool for printing of images and screen captures.

Fokker Aerostructures

Image © Fokker Aerostructures    

"EasyCopy - easy to create, view and print pictures ...

For our design-engineers and tooling engineers the EasyCopy product really does it's name honour. Now it is very Easy to Copy any screen data and use it in reports and other presentations.

No problems anymore with big-files, no print/plotter-queue problems because all documents (even text files) are readable.

Companies must be careful to select applications for the correct audience. EasyCopy perfectly fits that purpose if the audience is the "on-line" engineer.

Do not mistake EasyCopy for 3DVIEW, DVise, 3DCOM and other high-end expensive CAD-viewers.

EasyCopy is an excellent low-budget solution for Catia-engineers to show the external world design-data, design-intent, and even reports and presentations.

EasyCopy also provides additional viewing capabilities on predefined stored plot/print-formats (hpgl, cgm ....). "

Gerard de Smaele
Senior CAD Specialist
Fokker Aerostructures