Problems during your password installation

Your License Dispatcher (lisense server) Primary Key ( internal Easycopy key)& IP address (xxxx xxxx & is the one used for generating your password. Please confirm.

You have installed your password: eks.

  # ----------------------------------------Begin--

# EasyCopy 8.4

# Dispatcher License (# of licenses)

# Permanent password

# Components licensed: Gui Print-1 Print-2 Print-3 Convert View Capture LZW Montage Movie CGMBasic EasyCGMPro EasyEMF EasySVG

# Component mask: 0x001A1FC0

# PostScript (LZW): Licensed under U.S. Patent 4558302

# Creation date (UTC): Tue Nov 18 13:16:16 2003

# Server primary key: xxxx xxxx

# Dispatcher IP-address:

# The password is:

# xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

# --------------------------------------End----

Please verify at your license server ( that file: C:\Program Files\AutoGraph\EasyCopy 8.4\agipasss contains the above password. (it might make sense to remove/rename any other passwords/lines from this file, except the above one and remember to save the file as: "agipass" (with no extension)

On Windows

Open EasyCopy on the license server and enter the password in the GUI, under Help, Password ecdaemon will start automatically and run as a service.

Verify that the license dispatcher is running by looking under Help, License status


Start the License Dispatcher  running ./install in the easyCopy directory

run ecdaemon status to verify again that it runs, and displays at least one free license available.

When you are sure that it runs Ok, be sure that the above (same) password is installed at any EasyCopy client machines (Help->Password)