Printing on UNIX via Windows network

 To be able to print from Linux/UNIX via Windows network using LPD:

  • You need to add the Windows Component called: "Other Network File and Print Services"

Check Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs->Add/Remove Windows Components (third icon down on the left).

  • Also the lpr port 515 should be added as an exception in the Firwall.

1. To be sure that the "Print Services for Unix" is installed at the Windows server (Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs->Windows componenets) and is running
(check the Control Panel->Administration->Services->TCP/IP-printserver),and that the printers are shared (like you normally do on Windows). Please note the share name.

2. At the Solaris/Unix machine with EasyCopy installed, be sure to create a new printqueue by running the EasyCopy print queue administration tool: ecqadm,
and select:

  • Add a printer/Queue->
  • Create New Print Queue->
  • "type in the print queue name you want on your Unix machine
  • Select Remote Workstation/Server
  • Type in the hostname or ip-address of the Windows server
  • Type in the print queue name (Windows share name) of the Windows print queue you want to send your EasyCopy print output to.

At this stage you have created a local Unix print queue connected to the specific Windows print queue.

  • After this, quit the ecqadm script, and start EasyCopy for Unix as the root user:

# easycopy 

  • Add the corrresponding printer driver through the File->Printers->Add dialog. At this dialog select the "Local printer" as you want to use the just created Unix print queue.
  • Select the right print queue name, and exit the wizard.

Now you should be able to do the first print from EasyCopy on UNIX through your new queue to the Windows server.

If you are dealing with PostScript printers, you can do a simple testprint from the UNIX machine through the Windows server like:

# eclpd -ph -rq /system/ 

This should result in a simple testpage.