EasyCopy Continues Transformation from Useful Utility To Essential Tool with Version 8.6


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, April 4, 2011.  The EasyCopy Company announced today a new release, v. 8.6, for their interconnected suite of products.  The umbrella under which the tools sit allows for graphics communication and workflow of the highest order in an increasingly visual world.


EasyCopy moves on to become a Prime Tool for Technical Professionals


While the EasyCopy customer base serves a wide spectrum of users – Geoscience, CAD/CAM, medical, defense and education – The 8.6 release offers a comprehensive toolset that has assured that a large number of these customers chose EasyCopy as their wall to wall application. They desired EasyCopy for the crucial functions of plotting, conversion, stitching, layout, movie creation, cropping, and much much more—all of which are outside the scope of their primary applications, such as Landmark or CATIA.


EasyCopy has set the bar very high for itself—to be the complete tool that Technical Professionals can use through its View/Browse, Capture, Conversion, Printing/Plotting, and Montage modules—to unfold easy and naturally into the multiple graphics functions continually being required of the technical professionals.


EasyCopy equips the user with tools for superb graphics communication retaining its ergonomic ease and clarity of use via its modular creation. The easiest way to discover is through downloading the product from http://www.myeasycopy.com web site.



Company Background


TEC is an international company founded in 1989. It produces and delivers systems for managing your graphics workflow for your cross platform environment – UNIX, Linux or Windows. Development and international sales are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. North American sales and support are, since 1990, centered in San Jose, California. A network of agents and distributors represents the company throughout the world. AGI's large customer base includes the majority of the Energy, Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the design engineer's work. The tools are equally wide spread in industries where high quality, easy-to-use tools for montage, capture, convert and/or print are required.  Download the product at http://www.myeasycopy.com.

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