Augrin Software and Dassault Systemes announce an Original Software Development Partnership Agreement

Paris (France), March 31, 2000 - Augrin Software (AGI), and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq:DASTY) announced the signing of an Original Software Development agreement (OSD). Under this agreement, AGI’s JPEG Pro component technology will be embedded into the open architecture of CATIA V5 and other Dassault Systemes Solutions.

JPEG Pro is the AGI implementation of the JPEG standard (Joint Photographic Expert Group ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1). JPEG Pro is a toolkit available for Lossless mode, Baseline mode, Sequential and Progressive modes, which provides developers with powerful tools to implement JPEG compression and decompression in an optimized way depending on the demands for the given application.

Dassault Systemes' products are based on a complete set of best-in-class technologies. Seamless generation and reuse of high quality color images are very important throughout the design phase to communicate the project progresses and document the processes. JPEG capabilities perfectly integrate and complement the full digital mockup approach provided by Dassault Systemes' products and enable seamless publication of the information through the Web.

"AGI has been intimately involved in the standardization of JPEG. Progressive JPEG is particularly well suited for image communication, and Dassault Systemes is now providing a well recognized Web technology," says Lisbeth. G. Andersen, President and CEO of Augrin Software. "We are very excited about this new technical partnership with Dassault Systemes, and look forward to continuing providing leading image technologies to its customers."

"Dassault Systemes has chosen AGI as the provider of JPEG technology because the JPEG Pro toolkit offers the best implementation of the JPEG specifications, is easy to work with, very versatile, well-documented and well supported," said Philippe Zimny, System Architecture Director, Dassault Systemes. "This partnership between AGI and Dassault Systemes is the logical result of several years in providing complementary solutions to our common customers".

The Dassault Systemes OSD partnership program creates tight development relationships with industry leading software developers based on a long-term plan synergy. The OSD partner acts as an external R&D division to Dassault Systemes R&D organization.

Dassault Systemes S.A. is the premier global software developer for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM II market, providing companies with e-business solutions to implement their digital enterprise, thus creating and simulating the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service. CATIA, ENOVIA and Deneb Solutions support industry-specific business processes to help unleash creativity and innovation, reduce development cycle time, improve quality, competitiveness and shareholder value : CATIA supports the digital product definition and simulation, Deneb provides solutions to define and simulate digital manufacturing processes and ENOVIA delivers enterprise solutions that manage a comprehensive, collaborative and distributed model of the digital product, processes and resources. The combined integration creates the Digital Product Life Cycle Pipeline, supporting reuse of corporate knowledge. SolidWorks and SmartSolutions, as Dassault Systemes companies, offer respectively 3D design-centric and TeamPDM software solutions based on Windows.
Augrin Software (AGI) develops and produces systems for image handling and print management. EasyCopy is a leading workstation product for screen capture, image printing, viewing, and conversion with an installed base of 160,000+. EasyCopy is available on many platforms, including all major UNIX platforms. Current development includes a new, extended version for the NT and mixed platform environment and porting of JPEG Pro and EasyCopy to Intel’s Itanium processor. AGI’s large customer base includes the majority of Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the standard desktop.
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