MyEasyCopy No. 4 

EasyCopy 8.5 makes your life easy´er


Take just one easy step - from EasyCopy directly to your PowerPoint presentation

Ways to get your images into PowerPoint - many!  Ways to achieve an optimal result for presentation, sharing or plotting - one !!  Yes, EasyCopy has managed to circumvent the problems outlined below.

PowerPoint’s native support for file formats has serious limitations.  For instance, there is no support for Tiled Tiff, Seismic CGM, CGM files with large raster parts, large files and several raster formats. PDF import is handled in a round-about way and, unfortunately, may not give you the anticipated quality. Remedies?  Well, there are various ways: Screen Capture, plug-ins, using alternative applications to handle the file prior to insertion into PowerPoint etc.  All of them time consuming.

Insertion of a large vector file (CGM, EMF etc.)  results in a downscaled image.  Details are hard to see unless you zoom, and the data are given inadequate treatment in a presentation when zoomed. Furthermore, PowerPoint’s zoom facility is cumbersome and limited.

PowerPoint’s scaling is problematic.  In certain circumstances, images are distorted.  Also, the PowerPoint scaling reduce image quality whenever a new correction is made and saved using the extension on canvas instead of original image pixels.

Plotting of large PowerPoint slides frequently fails.

Limitation of 56” slide size.

With the varied problems and limitations, PowerPoint remains a popular program and one in which the the EasyCopy Graphics Suite has been used as a pre-processor for PowerPoint (and other graphics applications) for file conversion, screen capture, file size reduction etc.

The ease returns with EasyCopy 8.5 Graphics Suite (EasyCopy Gold/EasyCGM/EasyVect).  Now, work on your montage design in EasyCopy.  You have work with your Seismic CGMs, PDFs, stitched PDFs, and direct screen captures to the montage canvas as well as any of the file formats supported by EasyCopy. Then, you can work with EasyCopy’s excellent drawing tools and the advanced zoom and crop functionality.

When you are satisfied with the result, save it as .ppt file and pop it directly into PowerPoint for use in presentations.  Oh, by the way, you can keep the layout in EasyCopy for publishing in PDF or plotting to large format devices.

Now, how easy is that?!!

 July 2010