MyEasyCopy No. 3 - EasyCopy 8.4 Build for Geo Scientists

Turn your data into compelling presentations

The EasyCopy Company is proud to announce EasyCopy Version 8.4.

We want you to spend your time presenting fantastic results, not struggling to edit and assemble content.
So, our new release is focused on helping you present your ideas easily - with intuitive and rich functionality - and efficiently - with a one stop solution to handle all your graphic needs from bitmap to vector. And now, EasyCopy is also available in Chinese and German.

Version 8.4 makes it easier than ever to:

  • Create fantastic montages/posters of unlimited canvas size
  • View, manipulate and convert files: CGM+, CGM PIP,CGM ATA, EMF, SVG as well as JPEG and TIFF
  • Print or plot files and montages easily from your Windows, UNIX or Linux desktop
  • and introducing EasyPlot, a new Product in the EasyCopy Graphics Suite

EasyCopy 8.4 - Improves your work flow

Create fantastic montages of unlimited canvas size

After analyzing your data you need the perfect way to present your ideas onscreen and in print. EasyCopy's montage tools help you create your convincing story. No more technical hassles importing your graphics from multiple sources. You can even create 2D and 3D video clips. In addition to the functionality you've come to rely on, Version 8.4 makes your job easier than ever:

  • New Geo drawing tools plus advanced Crop and Extract
  • New Symbol Library, including oil well symbols
  • Create your own Symbols
  • Export montages as scalable CGMs or PDFs
  • View CGM image information such as fonts, origin, size and path
  • Support for legacy montages

View, manipulate and convert files:
CGM+ CGM PIP, EMF, SVG as well as JPEG and TIFF

Don't get frustrated dealing with files from different sources. Get full control when importing and exporting your bitmap and vector files. These vector files - with their lines, shapes and colors - are constructed by mathematical formulas and demand a unique focus. Bitmap images rely on cells called pixels. But with EasyCopy, you can combine vector and bitmap graphics in one display. No problem.

  • A CGM, EMF, SVG or EasyCopy .lay file can be saved as a scalable PDF file
  • Zoom and pan are faster than ever for large raster files and work equally well on EMF, CGM, and SVG files
  • Compatibility mode ensures files will be viewed correctly when imported into other applications - such as Microsoft PPT®
  • Edit Vector lets you edit text, lines, colors and remove unwanted elements in your vector files

Print or plot files and montages easily from your Windows, Unix or Linux desktop

Your printing needs are special. Standard applications don't even come close to meeting your requirements. EasyCopy and EasyPlot intelligently handle your industry specific needs.

  • High quality CGM plotting based on our high performance drivers
  • Adaptive page size and paneling
  • Intelligent log plotting - shrink to paper width while maintaining accurate length

Introducing EasyPlot -
A new product in the EasyCopy Graphics Suite

  • You get high quality CGM plotting based on the EasyCopy high performance drivers
  • Use it as a standalone printing utility or integrate it into your other applications.
  • Available on 32 and 64 bit Windows, Linux and Unix.

There are many ways to find out more about EasyCopy. You can check out our Product Sheet here. You can visit Or best of all send an e-mail or call for a personal talk about your requirements.

Don't wait. Upgrade to EasyCopy 8.4 today and turn your geological data into compelling presentations!