MyEasyCopy No. 2 - Release of EasyCopy 8.2  

For The EasyCopy Company, 2007-2008 have been memorable years. We've partnered with more technical professionals to provide the best possible tools for presentations & daily work and we have welcomed more customers into the EasyCopy community. Since December 2007 we have had EasyCopy version 8.2 available for download and received so much positive feed back. We are now pleased to let the whole world know about EasyCopy version 8.2.

As you may know, the philosophy behind the EasyCopy product suite is to include the most common tools required by technical professionals to manage their graphics workflow. And, in an age where multiple native languages are the coinage of our professional lives, The EasyCopy Company has focused on the graphics tools that allow us to cross the cultural barriers of communication.

Our "MyEasyCopy" is sent to you as a special service and focuses on Tips and Tricks as well as features of the newest release.

The Geo scientific work flow assistant

EasyCopy 8.2 has just been released and we have again focused on making your life easier.

  • As requested by many of our customers EasyCopy now supports old legacy Montages.
  • For all our customers using Petrel and Kingdom we have now made it possible to convert from EMF to CGM, which is an absolutely necessity if the plot management system requires a CGM file to do the output.
  • The drawing tools have added flexibility, allowing the scientist to follow a fault line etc.
  • Unconformity lines and many other line styles has been added as a set of geo tools
  • The EasyCopy printing capability can be fully integrated with your GEO application to provide a print/plot system either through EasyCopy or with the addition of EasyPrint.

A new customer said recently: "Schlumberger gave me the first hint and much later I discovered that people on our office corridor use your product as well....last night; quite desperate because under time pressure - I happened to download easycopy - and bingo!"

It has become so fundamental to the graphics workflow process for geophysicists and geologists all over the world.

Whatever your needs are, EasyCopy functions accurately, elegantly and consistently.

As a true cross platform solution available for the most used platforms within the Oil Exploration and Geological Surveys - Solaris, Linux and Windows - EasyCopy is today the most preferred package in its area.