MyEasyCopy No. 1

2007 has had a fantastic start. EasyCopy version 8.1 that was released
last year has created more interest than ever.

The philosophy behind the Easycopy product suite is to include most of
the common tools needed by technical professionals to improve the presentation workflow.

As a special service you will receive "MyEasyCopy" with Tips and Tricks 2-4 times per year. Also the EasyCopy web site can now be reached at:

Design Engineer

EasyCopy has always been a reliable tool for Design Engineers all over the world. With version 8.1 the long expected video capture tool available on UNIX, Linux and Windows has proven its value as a perfect companion in the presentation workflow.

Whether you are a Catia, UGS, Pro/ENGINEER or AutoCad site you will find the EasyCopy solution most beneficial and essential for many daily tasks during the documentation and presentation process.

Think of EasyCopy as a swiss army knife with all needed tools right in your hand.

Whether you need to make a series of captures, a movie clip, Mark Up your captures or files, view your giga byte tiff files or simply to convert from one format to another, to stamp/label confidential files or print/plot your data EasyCopy supports you.

Whatever your needs are, EasyCopy functions accurately, elegantly and consistently.

It simply helps you do your work and you look good!!