Life Science solutionsMake data and archiving more informative with annotation and animation

and get the Dicom format well supported with the JPEG Pro toolkit 

The Jpeg Pro toolkit

The Jpeg Pro Toolkit is used by several medical imaging solution providers because the Dicom compression format used in the medical industry is well supported.

To read more about the Jpeg Pro toolkit please click on this link.  JPEG Toolkit



annotated image anylised by the Jpeg Pro Toolkit

Get archiving more informative

EasyCopy is the perfect  solution for making data and archiving more informative.  Important knowledge can be saved for the future with annotation directly on the images.

Sharing knowledge

Communicating important data and interpretation of data is of great importance and is saving life.  Communication through a combination of images, text and drawings will most likely be more clear for anyone looking at the journal at any time.

Interactive Frame Viewer

With the interactive Frame Viewer you can easily browse through a series of images, step forward and backwards in different speeds and stop exactly when you see need.

Movie Creator tools

Animation of scanned knee slices can be saved as an AVI file and used in Power point or viewed in Windows Media Player or another movie player on your preferred platform.