EasyCopy 8.2 focuses on Log Printing

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 30, 2008 The EasyCopy Company (TEC & AGI) and The Imaging Systems Group Inc. (iSys) have combined resources to add support for the iSys printing technology in the EasyCopy montaging and plotting software solutions.

iSys has solutions for the well log market with the exciting lines of colour well log printers. The iTerra colour printers currently come in two models, the iTerra Elite and the iTerra Lite. The iTerra Elite is a high speed, high volume, LED colour printer and the iTerra Lite is a ruggedized inkjet based colour plotter.

Combining the advanced EasyCopy cross platform montaging, conversion, and plotting tools with the iSys technology was a natural thing to do to support our broad common customer base in the oil and gas exploration industry.

EasyCopy provides the perfect solution for developing exciting well analysis reports. The ability to stitch multi-page PDF's and SVG's and TIFF's combined with advanced annotation tools provide the industry with a perfect solution in combination with the iSys printers.

The recently released EasyPlot offers an extra option to tailor the functionality needed for a given task - .

iSys, designs, manufactures and markets high-speed, high-performance direct thermal and digital imaging technology. The company's products are marketed worldwide to oil and gas companies, government agencies, and firms in the engineering, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, military defense, marine, commercial art and graphic design industries. iSys has earned an international reputation for quality, value and performance in its products, customer support and service. The company's products include an 8.5-inch, 12-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch direct thermal imaging printers and the iTerra line of colour printers.

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For more information on iSys printers, visit www.isys-group.com.