HOWTO Update to a New Version

The fastest and easiest method to obtain the new version is to log-in to the EasyCopy Subscriber Section to download the program(s) for the required platforms.

  • Login to the Subscriber section with your registered Username and Password ( if you have forgotten your login details use your registered e-mail address when prompted and you will receive an e-mail with the requested information)
  • Go to Download & Passwords and select Product Downloads
  • Select the desired products (one at a time)
  • Select the required platforms (one at a time)
  • Install by following the install wizard

If installed in a new location, copy the EasyCopy Printers directory and the Profiles directory ( if you have added printers and/or profiles ) from your old installation

You will receive a new password for your current license server within a working day.

If you like to change the license server in the process you will need to fill in the Statement to Change Password form with old and new license server information, IP address and Primary key ( internal EasyCopy key) and you will receive a new password.

You are now up and running with the new version of EasyCopy/EasyPlot