TIFF view made easy – even convert to PPT or PDF from any size, type or compression

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is an open, well documented standard created by many vendors like Catia, UG and other application providers. It is a popular format because of it’s flexibility and many tags + free viewers. This may be the reason for selecting TIFF as a well-suited archival format over the long haul.

These very advantages - however – also have drawbacks. PowerPoint, for instance, will not insert tiled TIFFs, TIFFs of a certain size, or TIFFs saved with some compression schemes.

TIFFs in their uncompressed form easily get so large that the office products like Word, PowerPoint and the free viewers cannot read them. To create smaller files TIFF as a format has options for using almost all the various compression types ever invented. They may also be tiled for easier handling.

So in short – they may be too big or too varied.

EasyCopy is the answer to your prayers

also when it comes to working with images in the TIFF format as the testing cycles become more strained. Read TIFFs without worrying about their size and compression

  • Read TIFFs without worrying about their size and compression

  • Convert .tif to .ppt

  • Annotate or redline your TIFFs for simple archiving – maintaining your original image details.

  • Zoom and pan in real time for accurate editing and redlining

  • Use the detachable Reference View window to navigate your large files

  • Save TIFFs and TIFFs with annotation or redlining out as other TIFFs with the compression most suitable for your purpose

  • Combine TIFFS with text, captures and other file types for stunning posters – plot them out and be ready for the next design review

  • Save your poster creation in .ppt format for easy on-screen presentation

Together with your current EasyCopy or EasyConvert Plus installation Ecbatch gives you an easy way to save valuable time instead of converting images one by one.

Let the easy gui help you batch process your TIFF files, f.inst. select all uncompressed files in a certain directory – and get them all converted to the compression and size of your choice – renamed in the same directory or output to a new directory of your choice – all in a batch process.

And for a short time only - as Subscriber get the ecbatch tool for free. (Windows only).  Log-in to the Subscriber Section where you soon under EasyCopy will find a link to download ecbatch and or it’s documentation.