Get your seismic CGM’s into PowerPoint Presentations

With just released EasyCopy 8.5 Graphics Suite it has never been easier.

You may have had to do with screen captures or copy/paste to get your seismic CGMs into PowerPoint or other applications not reading CGM-PIP. You may also have been dissatisfied with the result.

The fastest way is to open your EasyCopy Graphics Suite – select the PowerPoint canvas size of your choice, open the file or files you need on your presentation slide. EasyCopy has excellent and fast zoom tools so you can add annotation, highlights and objects to get the perfect result in no time at all.easily integration seismic CGM and CGM PIP into Power Point

Now save your file or layout as a .ppt file and choose to open PowerPoint with your file – and your presentation slide is right there.

The best result is when you toggle on the ‘Split seismic elements into separate raster elements’ – this gives you the smallest file and the sharpest result in PowerPoint, because you handle the seismic part using good compression methods – and with the ‘EasyCopy way’ the vector part and the raster part of the seismic CGM stays together when opened in PowerPoint. Select both and group them and you can move them around and scale them.

No more need to refit the seismic part into a box to get the two parts adjusted.

If you have chosen to create an entire montage in EasyCopy it is equally easy and well thought through. Your files can be adjusted individually without ungrouping everything on your PowerPoint slide.

When keeping your montage as an EasyCopy .lay or .layz file it is easy the redesign your canvas for plotting to large format plotters and thereby overcoming PowerPoints limitations when it comes to plotting.