Graphical tools for geoscientists

Core descriptions and other geological descriptions

Geological descriptions, whether it is based on core photos, core store or outcrops, need to connect to real depth registered data for further analysis.  With ease of use and full flexibility EasyCore handles these tasks.

Seismic CGM, Maps, Logs...

Geo Science: stitch PDF files, create montage presentations, edit CGM files or plot your data with EasyCopy

constantly need to be viewed, plotted, edited, interpreted and presented.

Your graphics needs are very specialized. EasyCopy handles your unique seismic data. Do you find it interesting to combine data from multiple sources, or manipulate files of unlimited size? Do you need a better solution to get your data in presentations so you can communicate your ideas?


EasyCopy can help - we know the GeoScience industry. Whether you need to stitch PDF files, create montage presentations, edit CGM files or plot your data, we know what you need and can help you get there.

Select an item below, that you are interested in and read more about special needs and solutions for you in the upstream and exploration geophysicists, petrophysicists and geologists,  as well as for you in the drawing and drafting departments.

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