EasyCopy 8.2 focuses on Drawing Tools, Vector Conversion and an enhanced Movie Creator

Asserbo, Denmark, March 30, 2008, The EasyCopy Company (TEC & AGI) announced today a new product release, EasyCopy 8.2. AGI is committed to providing the best possible tools for the presentations and daily work of all technical professionals, allowing for easier preparation, versatility and more accurate communication.

Drawing Tools
AGI is adding smooth curve and polylines to the toolkits of its users, providing a gamut of options to the professional who requires increasing versatility and flexibility to meet the requirements of the 'normal' day of work. Joining the smooth curve and polylines is the additional capability for adding, removing or changing the nodes on those curves and polylines. Special Geo Tools, like unconformity lines and several other geo related line types has been added to meet the large request from geophysicists, geologists and technical assistants for availability of a set of easy drawing tools, to be used in the presentation and documentation process.

Multipage File Formats
AGI introduced multi-page file & stitch-PDF in earlier releases. With the 8.2 release, it was deemed imperative that support for multi-page TIFF be added. Consequently, the professional may now save the multi-page tiff files and see improvements in the printing of multi-page files. Also, the user will be the beneficiary of improvements in the opening and printing of multi-page PS & PDF files.

Improved Format Support
Fortunately for many of EasyCopy's users, AGI now gives support for transparent GIF and for transparent PNG. EasyCopy 8.2 also features EMF to CGM conversion.

Improvements in the Movie Creator
The Movie Creator has met with such strong success that AGI received many superb suggestions for tweaking it and adding features. Three of the most desired have been added. You can now save the Playlist, there is a Pause option in the AutoCapture function (so valuable we are not certain why "we" did not think of it earlier). Plus, one may now set not only the "frames per second" guidelines but also the "seconds per frame" instructions. Other enhancements are embedded as well; however, the preceding were the most requested.

More Printer Support Now EasyCopy supports HP PCL3GUI plotters, Canon's IFP series of Plotters, and logprinters from Printrex and soon also Isys both on Unix and Windows. The new 'Adaptive Page Size' secures the right page size for plotting without having to set custom page size for each plot - the file size becomes THE page size for printing.

Available for all Major Platforms
EasyCopy 8.2 is available for Windows - including Vista - and all major UNIX workstations and has support for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The very flexible licensing scheme allows floating licenses which can be shared throughout a network and among all users, while permitting a heterogeneous system environment with both UNIX and Windows users.

Company Background
The EasyCopy Company is an international company founded in 1989. It produces and delivers systems for managing your graphics workflow for your cross platform environment - UNIX, Linux or Windows. Development and international sales are headquartered in Denmark. North American sales and support are, since 1990, centered in San Jose, California. A network of agents and distributors represents the company throughout the world. AGI's large customer base includes many of the Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the design engineer's work. The tools are equally wide spread in the Energy industry and wherever high quality, easy-to-use tools for montage,capture, convert and/or print are required. The products can be downloaded at www.myeasycopy.com.

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