EasyCopy 8.1 launches a Movie Creator to give technical professionals more versatility

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, September 15, 2006, AutoGraph International (AGI) announced today a new product release, EasyCopy 8.1. AGI committed to supporting the work process of technical professionals and delivered enhancements that give new versatility, new speed and greater interconnectedness.

Movie Creator
AGI's conversations with the technical people heavily involved in graphics workflow revealed such a need for adding movies to presentations. Now, users may develop an AVI datastream that can be used in office products or viewed with a media player. The tools are there for opening, previewing, deleting, duplicating and adding frames to create the datastream.

Capture to Clipboard
EasyCopy's screen capture has always been comprehensive. To the recently added AutoCapture and to the Movie Creator Window, the Capture to Clipboard rounds out the capture requirements for our users.

Gigabyte Files
Have a gigabyte file? EasyCopy 8.1 went right to the heart of the technical professional's demand for help with those very, very large files. With our ZapView technology, you can zoom, pan, do mark-up and annotation with incredible speed and accuracy. Not only those tools are available to users but also the capability to convert and print with great efficiency.

PDF Stitch Mode
What could now be so effective and simple as to toggle the PDF Stitch Mode on, thereby combining a multi-page PDF file to one long file. Reports in the customer testing prior to release were pleased and positive.

ecprint for Windows
Users respected and valued the EasyCopy UNIX print system. That print system is now available on the Windows platform and gives users the perfect option to make up for the periodic shortfalls in the Windows printer drivers.

Available for all Major Platforms
EasyCopy 8.1 is available for Windows and all major UNIX workstations. The very flexible licensing scheme allows floating licenses which can be shared throughout a network and among all users, while permitting a heterogeneous system environment with both UNIX and Windows users.

Company Background
AGI is an international company founded in 1989. It produces and delivers systems for managing your graphics workflow for your cross platform environment - UNIX, Linux or Windows. Development and international sales are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. North American sales and support are, since 1990, centered in San Jose, California. A network of agents and distributors represents the company throughout the world. AGI's large customer base includes the majority of the Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the design engineer's work. The tools are equally wide spread in the Energy industry and wherever high quality, easy-to-use tools for montage,capture, convert and/or print are required. The products can be downloaded at EasyCopy Home.


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