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EasyCopy is designed to simplify and improve your graphics workflow

EasyCopy is offering integrated tools to handle your files – from simple to complex Vector and Bitmap (raster) files. You can View, Analyze, Edit and Output these files to numerous printers and plotters or to any of the many supported file formats. Key features  include the well-known EasyCopy Capture tools, creation of Movie sequences, and comprehensive Mark-up and Montage package with support for direct creation of Powerpoint presentation slides or quality PDF documents. Download now and send an e-mail request for price information according to your needs.

Licenseable EasyCopy add-on modules: EasyVect and EasyCGM




EasyCopy is a suite of tools designed to manage even gigabite sized graphics. Stitch PDF, advanced screen capture tools and Movie Creator are inluded. Conversion tools offers easy and full control of output formats, quality, size etc. (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EMF, SVG, PS and PDF... ) The Montage canvas provides the perfect workspace for creating presentations and posters and a very user friendly print/plot solution without any limitations is part of EasyCopy.

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite combines EasyCopy with EasyCGM and EasyVect and is the most used product combination today. The EasyCopy Graphics Suite offers a full blown raster and vector package designed for technical professional working with graphics. With the best CGM support in the world the EasyCopy Graphics Suite handles your need for viewing, converting and printing of CGM  files of unlimited sizes.