EasyCopy and Perigon enter Technical Alliance

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 27, 2016

The EasyCopy Company and Perigon are pleased to announce that EasyCore and iPoint EasyCore are now fully integrated. Starting with EasyCore 1.2.6 and iPoint 2016.1 , information may be transferred between the two packages allowing faster and more powerful workflows to the benefit of our users.

EasyCore projects can now be stored in the iPoint datastore and opened directly from iPoint. Such capability enables the full power of iPoints’ multiscalar visualization to be utilized, allowing for complete integration of EasyCore datasets with other sources of wellbore data.

“EasyCore and iPoint are two complimentary solutions that together offer a lot of advantages to our clients, both existing and new.  Combined we will even better handle the workflow of capturing core data and visualization.” said EasyCopy CEO Christian Drejoe.

Perigon CEO Paul Reid added “Through the integration of EasyCore and iPoint we now offer a unique and easy way to capture and digitize core descriptions whilst providing access to that data more efficiently.  We are excited to partner with EasyCopy as we continue to advance our portfolio of core workflow offerings for the benefit of our clients.”

The EasyCopy Company is looking forward to working with Perigon and the opportunities this alliance will create for both companies.  For more information about Perigon and their offerings please visit: http://www.perigonsolutions.com.