Montage -  The EasyCopy Graphics Suite

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite has no limitations and is your perfect companion when standard presentation tools fails.

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite covers Screen Capture, viewer, editor, converter, montage, movie creator, and print/plot solution

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite includes:

Screen Capture, viewer, editor, converter, montage, movie creator, and print/plot solution

  • Support for CGM, CGM+, CGM PIP, EMF, EMZ, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, PPT, PS, SVG, TIFF... files generated with all major G&G applications other applications used in the within Geo Science.

  • Unlimited canvas size or set page from first image for either creating a Montage or presentation or edit and annotate a single image/graphic.

  • Templates

  • Screen capture directly to your canvas

  • Stitch PDF, when logs have been saved as multipage PDF for easy archiving, but not for printing.

  • Add lines, shapes, symbols, patterns and text

  • Edit colors and background incl. transparency

  • Layout tools include position, arbitrary rotation, scale, align and distribute, group and ungroup

  • Advanced crop and extract tools to edit files within or outsite any shape

  • Save as layout - is a small xml based file with reference to your existing files with NO extra copies filling up your system - It includes auto backup and can be used as template, to update  previous work etc.

  • Save as archive to keep all data together

  • Save as image and match the exact size for the purpose

  • Save as vector for full scalability

  • Save as PPT for easy integration with the standard presentation tool

  • Print/Plot with no limitations to any device. By using the unique "adapted page size" there is no need to struggle with custom page sizes anymore. Paneling allows you to print 1:1 even when your paper size is smaller than the file size.

  • The Movie Creator tool will allow you to create an animated sequence of screen capture, cgm, emf files and/or any other supported format. It includes a frame viewer that makes it easy to edit, move, delete, copy frames when ever it is needed.

  • Support for UNIX, Linux and Windows ( see more details under Technical data in the  menu to the right)

Explore the full EasyCopy´s GeoScience Montage Solution (a combination of EasyCopy Gold, EasyCGM and EasyVect)