EasyCopy Graphics Suite 8.5 debuts with a powerful PowerPoint integration capability

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, July 10, 2010, The EasyCopy Company (AGI) announced today a new product release, v8.5, for their EasyCopy Graphics Suite.  With this release, The EasyCopy Company continues its delivery of products which work together like a well-oiled team.  With the company legacy of “easy” to use, the output climbs up the scale toward “expert” with results that are a mesh of rich functionality and intuitive connection.

PowerPoint Integration in Windows

The EasyCopy Graphics Suite meets PowerPoint face-to-face in the 8.5 release.  The Graphics Suite steps in to address the spots where PowerPoint falls short.  In earlier versions, EasyCopy was used as a pre-processor with great success, but the PowerPoint limitations remained, i.e., file size, scaling, unsupported file formats, poor previews, and difficulties in plotting.

With the 8.5 release of the EasyCopy Graphics Suite (EasyCopy, EasyCGM & EasyVect) the user begins and finishes in montage.  Work with the seismic CGMs, PDFs, stitched PDFs, and direct screen captures to the montage canvas as well as any of the file formats supported by EasyCopy.  Then, work with EasyCopy’s excellent drawing tools and the advanced zoom and crop functionality.  When satisfied with the result, save the montage as a .ppt file and place it directly into PowerPoint for use in presentations.  Now, how easy is that?!


Montage gains enhancements and functionality thereby giving the user a richly textured and useful medium for creating presentations or intraoffice graphics communication.  Of those tools which have been added, look to the following to assist in creating the perfect montage:

  • Use the Ctrl + rubberband to select multiple objects sitting on top of other objects.  (this addresses a frequent request)
  • Use the Ctrl + Arrow Keys for panning & scrolling.
  • There is Status Bar information related to node editing, object selection, crop, freehand, symbols, etc.
  • Under Draw | Change To, “Smooth” and “Jaggy” options have been added.  Thus, when drawing a freehand polyline, the user may smooth it or sharpen the nodes into points.
  • On the Grid, offsets have been added.
  • Under Edit | Select and Unlock, the user may now unlock single elements.
  • A filter has been implemented to filter out polygons, bitmap points, groups, etc.

Labeled clearly, the tools allow the user greater control over the creation without complicating the task in progress.

Printing and Plotting

We have added Accuracy Adjustments” for printers and as well as providing support for even more printers.  Most notably, we are now supporting the HP DesignJet 4520MFP.

Movie Creator

Increasingly, users are making movies from their various captures and graphic images and, as such, new requirements emerge with some frequency.  To assist in user’s post-production work, the Frame Viewer has altered to provide a large preview window.  In addition, buttons have been added for “rewind” and “forward”.

Available for all Major Platforms
EasyCopy 8.5 is available for Windows and Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and all major UNIX workstations (note that some functionality may only be available on the Windows Platform). The very flexible licensing scheme allows floating licenses which can be shared throughout a network and among all users, while permitting a heterogeneous system environment with both UNIX and Windows users.

Company Background

TEC is an international company founded in 1989. It produces and delivers systems for managing your graphics workflow for your cross platform environment – UNIX, Linux or Windows. Development and international sales are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. North American sales and support are, since 1990, centered in San Jose, California. A network of agents and distributors represents the company throughout the world. AGI's large customer base includes the majority of the Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the design engineer's work. The tools are equally wide spread in the Energy industry and wherever high quality, easy-to-use tools for montage, capture, convert and/or print are required. The products can be downloaded at http://www.myeasycopy.com.

For immediate release.
For more information:
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