EasyCopy 8.4 makes your presentations even more compelling by handling all of your graphics needs from bitmap to vector

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, November 1, 2009, The EasyCopy Company (TEC & AGI) announced today a new product release, EasyCopy 8.4. The EasyCopy Company continues their legacy of "easy" in the delivery of enhancements that are more intuitive with a richer functionality to make it a genuine one-stop solution for all the graphic needs which move from bitmap to vector.

Zoom and Pan Whether building a montage or browsing your image database, you may zoom and pan at a speed that is fast, fast, fast. Click the zoom, select the area, and you are there immediately and in high resolution. In those projects where time is of the essence, the high-speed zoom and pan give extra time for analysis. Whether you are working with large raster files or your EMF, CGM, and SVG files, you work in an arena of immediacy.

Bitmap and Vector Files EasyCopy gives you a unique control of both your bitmap and your vector graphics files. Your vectors, with their lines, shapes and colors, are constructed via mathematical formula. The bitmaps-they rely on cells called pixels. EasyCopy allows you to combine both kinds of files in one display. In addition, a CGM, an EMF, an SVG, or an EasyCopy .lay file may now be saved as scalable PDF files. Two other major enhancements give the technical professional advanced tools for working with bitmap and vectors-there is now a compatibility mode which ensures that files are viewed correctly when imported into other applications. Secondly, Edit Vector permits editing of text, lines, colors and removal of elements in your vector files.

Printing and Plotting Becomes More Intelligent Special needs have become common for the majority of technical professionals and The EasyCopy Company has taken the research to heart. The plotting of CGM files now produces superb quality with the EasyCopy high performance drivers. Adapted page size has been improved and paneling has been introduced. Keeping as much control in the hands of the professional as possible, the paneling overlap can be determined by the user. An additional function that is now available is intelligent log plotting. That is, the log width can shrink to fit the paper width without affecting the length.

EasyPlot hits its stride Introduced quietly in order to test it fully, EasyPlot takes its place as one of the new products in the EasyCopy Graphics Suite. The EasyCopy printer/plotter drivers are high performance ones and allow for high quality CGM plotting. The product may be used as a standalone printing utility or easily integrated into your other applications. As with every EasyCopy product, it is available for 32 & 64 bit Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

Available for all Major Platforms EasyCopy 8.4 is available for Windows and Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and all major UNIX workstations. The very flexible licensing scheme allows floating licenses which can be shared throughout a network and among all users, while permitting a heterogeneous system environment with both UNIX and Windows users.

Company Background TEC is an international company founded in 1989. It produces and delivers systems for managing your graphics workflow for your cross platform environment - UNIX, Linux or Windows. Development and international sales are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. North American sales and support are, since 1990, centered in San Jose, California. A network of agents and distributors represents the company throughout the world. The EasyCopy Company´s large customer base includes the majority of the Automotive and Aerospace industries where the products are an integrated part of the design engineer's work. The tools are equally wide spread in the Energy industry and wherever high quality, easy-to-use tools for montage, capture, convert and/or print are required. The products can be downloaded at www.myeasycopy.com.

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