Documentation for CATIA and CAE users has never been easier

Documentation for the CATIA and CAE users has never been easier in EasyCopy.  Whether providing notes to explain a tool path, or simply documenting a process, engineers have a couple of easy options available to them. 

First, the image itself can be annotated so that critical segments can be highlighted and short notes can be made.  It is quite easy to have the image itself and, secondarily, an annotated image to accompany it.

The other method is to simply complete your documentation in EasyCopy Montage, saving it as an image file. Once the documentation is saved as an image file, the notes can accompany the image or they can be stored in one of your Word files, together with other comment pages, notes, and documentation.

For the CATIA users there is an additional benefit in the use of EasyCopy.  The “Comments Page” form was designed for viewing in lieu of printing.  Due to the form design, this is not a possibility.  EasyCopy is the perfect assistant for making your Comments Page more than an impossible to read document.  Import the form into EasyCopy, do a “Color Reversal” and your document can be printed, saved as an image file or faxed to an outside vendor or colleague.  Now, how easy is that ?!!

The biggest savings to engineers is in time since you are working fully within EasyCopy vs. cut/paste, color reversal, etc. which are time hogs.  Consequently, EasyCopy gives a big productivity boost to the engineer.  In addition, documentation can be saved in any number of supported file formats, ones that best meet the requirements of your company.