Detail NFS Installation Procedures from A to Z

(UNIX only)

First download EasyCopy for the required platform(s).

Extract the files in a common temporary directory at your file server (application server), like /usr/tmp/easycopy


# cd /usr/tmp/easycopy

# ./install


[3] - Select Platform(s) and Install

and either press Enter, or select all platforms that is required (if more than one)

Change the two first installation defaults to something like below, the "/share" path resides on a shared (NFS) location:

[1] - Installation Main Directory: /share/applications/easycopy

[2] - Invocation Scripts Directory: /share/applications/bin

Also remember to change the following defaults to match "A4" if needed and your mail server hostname:

[9] - Default Paper Size: US Letter/A Size

[10] - Default Mail Server:

Then just install EasyCopy following the information on screen.

When finished, then from any client (or the server itself) that has root access, please start EasyCopy like:

# /share/applications/bin/easycopy

and add the required printers at your (customer) site: Options->Printers->Add

I will suggest that you use the "Print Queue is on Print Server" capability, to access the print queues at your dedicated print server (hostname or IP address) or your file (application) server. If the same print queues (print queue names) and same print systems (BSD/AIX/SysV)are defined/available at ALL client system, you don't need to use the "Print Queue is on Print Server" capability, but can let EasyCopy print directly to local configured print queue(s).

Before closing down the EasyCopy GUI/dialog, please install the password (string) you got from us (if arrived at this time): Help->Password

Now we are close to have finished the installation, however we are still missing the License Dispatcher (license server) setup. If you are going to use the file (application) server itself as the EasyCopy License Dispatcher, it's quite simple. Just run the command: # /share/applications/bin/ecdaemon start and the license server should run, and be able to deliver the license(s)to the EasyCopy clients.

However, if you have a dedicated license server, I'll suggest that you take (transfer) the appropriate downloaded EasyCopy tar-file to this server to: /usr/tmp/easycopy


# cd /usr/tmp/easycopy/license

# ./install

and select:

[1] - Install License Dispatcher

to a local drive/path like:

[1] - Installation Main Directory: /opt/easycopy

[2] - Invocation Scripts Directory: /usr/bin

and quit the install procedure after finished.

Do a:

# cd /opt/easycopy/license

and run:

# ./install


[2] - Install Password

and either obtain the IP address and Primary Key to let us generate the appropriate password, or install the password if already received from us. Quit the "./install" script and do:

# /usr/bin/ecdaemon start

Remember to follow the guidelines in the EasyCopy User's Manual (Management of Floating Licenses) how to setup the license daemon (License Dispatcher) to start automatically at system reboot. Finally we are now to run EasyCopy from any client, do captures, open files, print and save.