Change your layouts into PowerPoint Presentations or publish them in PDF

With just released EasyCopy 8.5 Graphics Suite it has never been easier.

Imagine a design review meeting coming up and you need to get your latest results or design plans into a PowerPoint slide – fast.

Change your layouts into PowerPoint Presentations or publish them in PDFPowerPoint’s limitation in native support for file formats and lack of good drawing tools can jeopardize your presentation.








The fastest way is to open your EasyCopy Graphics Suite – select the PowerPoint canvas size of your choice, open the number of files you need on your presentation slide (add captures directly). EasyCopy has all the tools you need to add annotation, redlining, drawings, transparency – and comprehensive cropping facilities to let you get the perfect result in no time at all.

Now save your result as .ppt file and choose to open PowerPoint with your file – and your presentation slide is right there.

For later changes we recommend that you save your work as an EasyCopy .lay file as well so you can reuse it in many ways, for instance at a poster session at a later event.

But plotting of large PowerPoint slides frequently fails - and there is a limitation of 56” slide size.

Again EasyCopy saves you valuable time in redesigning your layout in poster size and sending it to your plotter of choice – and if a large format plotter is not available, you can choose to panel your poster to your desktop printer with an overlap for easy assembling.

When you are satisfied with the result you may generate a PDF file for publishing your ideas and results to more interested parties – it gives you a reasonable file size with high quality. You may add a confidentiality stamp on the fly as well as a label with date, project name, your name etc.

Then you are ready to publish it.

Your work and ideas deserve to be safe and presented in the best possible way – without spending days.