Batch conversion on Windows

The example: Tiff to Cals

First open a command prompt.

Then chdir to the directory containing your Tiff file(s).

The simplest command line for converting for example a tiff file to a cals file is:

ecconv -export cal <InputFilename> <OutputFilename> 

If a certain page number should be converted, use the following example:

ecconv -export cal -pageno <InputFilename> <OutputFilename> 

To convert all files in a directory from tiff to cals you need a .bat file to do it.

Now the following small .bat file should do the conversion of all the TIFF files to CALS files (I called it tif2cals.bat):

echo off

for %%f in (*.tif) do "c:\program files\autograph\easycopy 8.0\ecconv" -export cal %%f 

Your ecconv might be located somewhere else and in this case write the correct path name in the script.

You can always improve on the .bat file by giving directory names as parameters.